Stop trying to handle life

all on your own. ​Instead...

Jesus gives you

a h​ealthier heart 🧡

and​ a more fruitful life 🍊

Citrus Grove Church

Sundays 9:30a

inside Pinecrest Academy


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Phil Hunter

Hi! I care about your heart.

Even if we've never met, I want you to ​have peace. I want you to understand ​your value to the most powerful Being in ​the universe. And I want you to enjoy life​ after your last day on this earth. You ​are why I serve as the missionary pastor​ at Citrus Grove Lutheran Church, and ​you are why I became a pastor in the ​first place (B.A. Martin Luther College, ​M.Div. Wisc. Lutheran Seminary).

I'd love to meet you and talk about the ​most important questions in life.

Our ministries

direct you t​o true ​security

and g​enerosity.

Oranges, Flowers and Leaves Branch

Feel pressured to accomplish more and achieve ​success? Of course! Everyone feels that stress. ​Goals and hard work are good, but the craving ​for more and the guilt of failure can be ​absolutely toxic. Will you ever have enough? ​What decides the value of your life?

Citrus Grove Church's four ministries guarantee ​you will have a healthier heart inside you...and ​you will live a more fruitful, beneficial life.


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Four Ministries

for a healthier heart ​&

a more fruitful life ​





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Broken Heart Drawing

Signs of an unhealthy heart ...

Ungrateful for the

blessings aroun​d you

Unwilling to t​alk about

life's big ​questions

Unsure if you've done

more good than bad

Uncomfortab​le with the

impact of y​our life

But if this sounds like you, there's hope.

Jesus heals hearts.

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A healthy heart sounds like:

"I have peace in Jesus,

eve​n on sad days."

"I have solid answers to ​life's big questions.​"

"I'm humbled by God's ​generosity to me."​

"I'm leaving a legacy

that​ lasts forever."

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Citrus Grove

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9:30a Sundays at ​Pinecrest Academy


33347 State Road 54

Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 ​(map)


Healthy Hearts Fruitful Lives​

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Gathering 9:30a Sundays


33347 State Road 54

Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 (map)

Citrus Grove Church is a group of Lutheran Christians an​d a mission congregation of the WELS network of ch​urches. Learn more.

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