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…alive, active, productive, pruned
…classic, iconic, organized, beautiful
…lots of individual trees, growing together for a purpose

  • The Gardener’s job: Grow healthy trees.
  • The Gardener’s goal: A fruitful grove.

CITRUS GROVE CHURCH has a mission for Wesley Chapel, FL:
Be a grove where Jesus makes hearts healthier & lives more fruitful.

How healthy is your heart? How are you handling life’s ups and downs?
Are you as fruitful as God expects…or as you expect of yourself?
God has incredibly high standards for your heart and your productivity.
He also has custom tools that get you healthier and more fruitful.

At Citrus Grove Church, God himself does the gardening in four ways:


In weekly worship God’s words and two mysterious sacraments fill you up with grace we crave


Gain deeper and broader Christian maturity via personal devotions and Grove Groups


Appreciate more fully the gifts God’s given you (contentment inside) and find ways to benefit others (generosity outside)


Improve how you talk about your reasons for hope. Then use that training in your circles and on church-organized outings

You weren’t made to grow alone. Be part of Citrus Grove Church.
Get healthier. Live fresher. Handle everything better with Jesus.

Next Steps…

  • Be our guest at a GATHERING any Sunday 9:30 at Pinecrest Academy of Wesley Chapel.
    Be prepared to see members serving in their roles, expect to learn about a few verses of the Bible that you can apply right away, and know that we’ll ask you to simply watch and observe two parts of our service this first visit: Offering and Communion. We’ll explain more when you get here. Know that this is part of being good hosts to you, our guest.
  • Register here for FRESH START: Bible Basics, a 12-part course that introduces you to the cores of Citrus Grove and Lutheran Christianity. A new session starts with each new season of the year, and more frequently, upon request.
  • Get in touch with Pastor Hunter: Email or Call/Text 813-788-4126

Pastor Phil Hunter graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2015 and previously served a bilingual church in northern Wisconsin. He and his wife Andrea used to travel the world. Since becoming parents (and foster parents!) you can now find them traveling the aisles of Target.

Citrus Grove Church is a group of Lutheran Christians and a mission congregation of the WELS nationwide church body.
Learn more about our beliefs at